Getting Started

The Swede’s Guide to Trading Stocks

A practical and straightforward guide to beginning your journey into stock trading.

What is an Earnings Winner?

This unusual definition is the key to exponential account growth.

Earnings Basics

Understand the difference between earnings and cash flow, learn to read earnings reports ...


When is Earnings Season?

... always earnings season. I’m always looking for some kind of volatility ...

The Best Breakout Setup

This is when I love to buy, and I like to go big because this is such a reliable setup.

What is PEAD?

... stocks tend to drift upwards over an extended period of time after a positive earnings ...

Tim Sykes

Learn from the best or improve your own trading with detailed analysis.

How To Grow A Small Account Exponentially

Learn the strategies that propelled a $12,415 account into $4,350,000.

Trading Recap

How I Made $2,500 Today On Penny Stock Earnings Winners.

Paul Scolardi


Learn how to quickly grow your account while trading part time.

Day vs Swing Trading

What I mainly teach and where I make most of my money from is swing trading ...

Earnings Tracker

Fundamentally driven research and stock tracking service.

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