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Dec 10-14 Trade Review

Luckily algorithms don’t carry the burden of human emotion…

Dec 3-7 Trade Review

All my trades are 100% automated…

Q4 Earnings Season Update

What’s up traders! I bet you thought that I was dead, right? Nope, I didn’t blow my account and I didn’t quit trading. I’ve just been heads down on a couple of projects.

Trading is the New Investing

Trading is the New Investing

Mainstream financial media is quick to caution against short-term active money management strategies, just as our new 401k provider had done, but my personal experience leads me to question traditional advice.

[Interview] Inside The Mind Of An Up-and-Coming Day Trader

This is an interview I did several years ago with a fellow trader, whose website is no longer up and running. I thought I’d post it here since it offers insight into my trading journey. We talk about my trading education, struggles, nightly preparation, philosophy, and more.

The Legendary Tale of Air App

Dude, I just made $700 while sitting in that meeting! I smiled as I looked up from my laptop. My colleague was ecstatic. He bought 3,000 shares of $SMSI at 1.50, and sold at 1.75 within the hour, locking in over 15% in gains. “Nice trade!”, I said. “Earnings season is alive and well!” I […]