Strategies for Success in Trading and Personal Finance

I was -$2.5k before i began using your tools, now quickly recovered $1k!

Almost every time I meet and have an in-depth conversation with people in my age group, we inevitably end up discussing the challenges that face our generation.  The unbelievable burden of student loans, the black-hole of renting instead of owning, and our strategies to get ahead (or break even) and find peace in this crazy world.

This blog is dedicated to discussions, strategies, and tools for personal finance, short-term investing, and self sufficiency.  It will act as a repository for everything I have learned since I started studying personal wealth strategies in mid 2012, and will also profile proven strategies of those with far more experience than myself.  If you find yourself on a similar journey, I hope the content on this site will help propel you in the right direction.

Chris | @2alive4925

Dec 17-21/Q4 Trade Review

I’m back in front of the screens today after my holiday break was extended by a nasty head cold. As expected, earnings were light going into the end of the year, so my trading followed suit. While I logged a total of 338 trades in Q4, December as a whole accounted for only 14 of …

Dec 10-14 Trade Review

Luckily algorithms don’t carry the burden of human emotion…

Dec 3-7 Trade Review

All my trades are 100% automated…

Q4 Earnings Season Update

What’s up traders! I bet you thought that I was dead, right? Nope, I didn’t blow my account and I didn’t quit trading. I’ve just been heads down on a couple of projects.

July 30, 2018 Trade Ideas


How to Make +200% ROI

How would you like a part-time job that paid $60k/yr? How about growing your retirement account over 200% this year? Is that something you might be interested in?

Trading is the New Investing

Trading is the New Investing

Mainstream financial media is quick to caution against short-term active money management strategies, just as our new 401k provider had done, but my personal experience leads me to question traditional advice.

The Only Earnings Winner Setup You Need to Know

There are three time frames I like to watch for when looking to buy these breakouts, and I have a different strategy for each…

[Interview] Inside The Mind Of An Up-and-Coming Day Trader

This is an interview I did several years ago with a fellow trader, whose website is no longer up and running. I thought I’d post it here since it offers insight into my trading journey. We talk about my trading education, struggles, nightly preparation, philosophy, and more.

How to Find the Best Stocks to Trade With a Small Account

When I search for the best stocks to buy, I look for three easily identifiable catalysts: a positive reaction to earnings, a high percentage of the float sold short, and a technical breakout.

Strategy Spotlight: Post Earnings Announcement Drift

Any AIR member will attest to a stock’s ability to generate abnormal returns in the sub $20 niche, especially when an earnings catalyst is applied. This became apparent to me as I was introduced to the “penny stock” niche in mid 2012, and I immediately recognized the potential for exponential growth.

Feature Spotlight: Watchlist Price Alerts

The concept is simple: The alerts monitor a list of stocks, and trigger when a stock reaches an important price level…

Understanding the Niche of Low Priced Stocks

I’ve been penny stock trading for more than fifteen years, and in that time, I’ve turned $12,415 of my bar mitzvah money into more than $4.2 million in trading profits. I like to challenge myself, but I’ve already reached my goal of becoming a millionaire. Now, I’m turning my focus to teaching. My new goal …

The Most Bullish Indicator for Earnings Winners

If your definition of an earnings winner is driven by analyst estimates, then you may be surprised that one of the most bullish indicators for earnings winners is of technical nature. I judge an earnings win by the reaction, not some arbitrary number a random analyst estimated as significant. My decisions to buy, hold, or …

The Legendary Tale of Air App

Dude, I just made $700 while sitting in that meeting! I smiled as I looked up from my laptop. My colleague was ecstatic. He bought 3,000 shares of $SMSI at 1.50, and sold at 1.75 within the hour, locking in over 15% in gains. “Nice trade!”, I said. “Earnings season is alive and well!” I […]