The Legendary Tale of Air App

Dude, I just made $700 while sitting in that meeting!

I smiled as I looked up from my laptop. My colleague was ecstatic. He bought 3,000 shares of $SMSI at 1.50, and sold at 1.75 within the hour, locking in over 15% in gains. “Nice trade!”, I said. “Earnings season is alive and well!”

I had introduced my strategy to him, and had been sharing my watchlist every day for a few weeks now. We were both making a respectable corporate salary, and were looking for new ways to invest our disposable income. My research was paying off.

Three years earlier…

When I need quick money, I buy small cap stocks.

I was reading Rich Dad Poor Dad during a break at work, and I couldn’t get Robert Kiyosaki’s idea for quick money out of my head. The idea churned in my mind as he talked about buying the stock of small companies, and selling into the mania that typically followed an initial public offering.

The office was getting stuffy, so I decided to go for lunch and do some research on small cap stocks. I knew absolutely nothing about the stock market, but Robert made it sound easy. Simply buy low priced stocks that react to a solid catalyst (an IPO in his case).

It wasn’t long before the internet directed me to the blog of Timothy Sykes. He appeared to be the champion of the penny stock niche, so I signed up for his 7 free lessons to learn more.

I spent countless hours over the next two years going through Tim’s educational material trying to find a way to apply his experience and expertise to my lifestyle goals. I wanted to find a reliable system to make some extra cash, grow my net worth over time, and eventually leave my day job.

Present day

A system built for reliability, profitability, and convenience.

Earnings winners are great stocks to buy when growing a small account because they offer the volatility and low trading price needed to propel your capital growth efforts.

TIMfundamentals Part Deux teaches you how to find stocks to trade and build a watchlist, and I’ve largely stuck to that process over the years. I started going through the top percent gainers on Yahoo Finance several times a day, but quickly realized how difficult that is to do with other full time commitments.

I couldn’t keep checking Yahoo or any of the other research outlets throughout the day, so I developed a program to conduct my research for me.  Air App has experienced several permutations and suffered through its fair share of growing pains, having been initially developed as a complex MS Excel workbook.  I've upgraded and refined the process through the years, and am incredibly happy to share this great tool with my fellow traders.